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A Golden Location

In between the town centres of Sterrebeek and Tervuren, one old dream makes room for a new, unique reality. Sterea takes over the land where the Hippodrome once flourished, with a spaciousness that entices the imagination. As a combination of style, comfort, nature and urbanity, Sterea provides unique, hybrid living solutions in an exclusive, recreational context. Call this a breath-taking rendezvous between making a home, living, working and enjoying. Between your dream house and its future. Families, businesspeople or pleasure-seekers, young or old; Sterea is everyone’s dream come true. A dream about coming home.

Our vision

Sterea is a feeling. A feeling for beauty in which you’ll immediately see yourself. Contemporary yet timeless. Stylish and sober. Modern and accessible. Master Planner Paul Lievevrouw and his agency, SUM, have created a sea of living space on 10.4 hectares of land. From apartments to assisted-living residences, from the villas to the park residences; just like the surrounding area, the entire concept exudes serenity. With more than 30 years of experience, Paul Lievevrouw succeeds in letting Sterea’s different housing options shine in their own right without losing sight of the underlying harmony.

it's a family


Sterea’s vast views won’t leave you unmoved. More so, its waves of serenity and beauty will overwhelm you. You can spend hours looking at it: as predictable as the former horse-racing track was, the new Sterea horizon is equally innovative and dynamic.


Golfers in Belgium are on the verge of having their dreams come true because an absolute leader in golf courses is opening within Sterea. And by that, we mean something entirely unseen in Belgium. An 18-hole Championship Course with 3 hectares of water hazards promises to draw a lot of attention, both nationally and internationally.

Bruno Steensels

Master golf architect

op maat


Sterea will charm you and your clients. Its office spaces are the perfect place for anyone who’s ever dreamed of working in style. Brainstorm in a flood of light, meet in a prime location, close a deal looking out onto a vast, serene landscape; at Sterea, working is nothing like it used to be.

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